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Real estate market overview

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18.01.2006In the coming year on the market to continue rising prices

In the coming year on the market to continue rising prices

In the coming year on the market expensive high-quality real estate (facilities of $ 400 thousand) to continue the growth of prices. On average it will be 1,5% per month, for the year - about 20%. This forecast gives Alexander Genievsky - deputy. CEO of the New City.

According to him, this conclusion experts of the company makes on the basis of not only the real estate market, but increasingly - as the market quality products and services in Moscow. Today, all sectors involved in that can be called "good life" (items are not necessities and luxuries), showing steady growth. In the automotive industry importing cars predicts approximately 50% increase in imports, food industry players warn about 20-30% by Mr. increasing realization of quality food products, significantly increased turnover in beauty salons and fitness clubs. All these indicators point to sustained solvency upper middle class, said A. Genievsky. And rising home prices will keep pace with growth in other sectors of the consumer market.

TopicTopic: CEO

18.01.2006Company "Quarter" diversifies risks

Company "Quarter" diversifies risks

Following the strategic development plans, JSC "Quarter" expands the scope of activities and begins to develop promising area of commercial real estate.

In January 2006 the company began construction of a multifunctional business center class "A" street address. Udaltsova possession 1 (at the corner formed by the Leninsky Prospekt and street Udaltsova, seven minutes walk from the station. M. Prospekt Vernadskogo "). Completion of construction - IV quarter of 2007.

TopicTopic: JSC "Quarter", OAO "Neighborhood", OOO, LLC

18.01.2006"Azure Blues" went GC

"Azure Blues" went GC

The company "City-XXI Century" delivered the State Commission residential complex "Azure Blues. The residential complex is located on the north-west of the capital in an area Strogino. It consists of three 23-storey monolith-brick tower houses, made in a single architectural style. Total area of apartments is about 30 thousand sq.m. On the first floor will house the company social and domestic purposes. From the windows of houses overlooking the floodplain of the Moscow River, Silver Boar and architectural monuments of XVIII century village Trinity Lykov.

TopicTopic: LCD "Azure blues", "Amber City", XXI, MIEM

18.01.2006Code of Bank of Moscow summed up the administration PIFami in 2005

Code of Bank of Moscow summed up the administration PIFami in 2005

In 2005, the total net asset value (NAV) of funds under the Criminal Code of the Bank of Moscow has reached 1.65 billion rubles, having increased for the year in 2,5 times. Currently, the Criminal Code of the Bank of Moscow operates six PIFami - five public and one interval.

In 2005, the Criminal Code of the Bank of Moscow joined the top three funds raised. Substantial inflows of shareholders was observed during the year all funds under the Criminal Code of the Bank of Moscow. Including UIF "Exchange Square - the MICEX index was the most popular index funds on the Russian market of collective investment fund" Kuznetsk Bridge entered the top ten most popular interval mutual funds and equity funds "Manege Square - Russian shares" and "Red Square - shares of companies with state participation, "entered the top ten most popular mutual funds shares *.

TopicTopic: "Volkhonka", NAV, UIF, MICEX, PIF, APR

18.01.2006Bank "Revival" actively pursuing mortgage

Bank "Revival" actively pursuing mortgage

The bank "Revival" is actively developing trend associated with mortgage lending, carried out under the state program of mortgage lending JSC "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending".

In 2005, the Bank was granted nearly 2200 mortgage loans, that is more than two thousand families by the bank "Revival" have improved their living conditions. And if in the beginning of 2005, the bank gave only 30 credits per month, then in December 2005 received a loan of almost 400 people. Total mortgage loans by early 2006 totaled 1.35 billion rubles.

TopicTopic: "Revival", JSC

17.01.2006Elite cottage settlement becomes more

Elite cottage settlement becomes more

In the past two years in Moscow suburbs has steadily increased the number of cottage settlements luxury and premium class. In this rather clearly crystallized traits that promote active growth of this market segment. According to most analysts, which appeared in 2004-2005. main trends will continue in the new year.

17.01.2006In Teply Stan will be a new neighborhood

In Teply Stan will be a new neighborhood

Following the construction of separate monolithic houses, Group PIK starts construction of a monolithic housing estate of around 160 thousand square meters. meters between "Teply Stan" and "South-West. Experts attribute the growth of the company and demand a higher yield of monolithic construction.

TopicTopic: "Teply Stan", "Center Polikvart", "PIK", "Kaluzhskaya", "Business", "PIC"

17.01.2006New offices and rules for working in real estate from DOKI

New offices and rules for working in real estate from DOKI

January 16 started working in test mode, the second office real estate agency DOKI, situated at Pokrovka, 38 (office space - 140 sq ft). The first office was opened DOKI in 2005 (address: Academician Tupolev Embankment, 15, building 2, area - 1000 sq ft).

The strategy of the company, each office real estate agency DOKI operates strictly in a particular area of Moscow. For example, clients of our "Pokrovka" - is primarily the residents of the District "Basmanny", "Krasnosel'skii", "Burgher" and "Tagans'kyi", and all who wish to rent or buy an apartment here.

TopicTopic: "Pokrovka", "Basmanny", "Burgher", DOKI, CAO

16.01.2006At Vozdvizhenka in a restored mansion opened Government House receptions RF

At Vozdvizhenka in a restored mansion opened Government House receptions RF

Managing Director President Vladimir Kozhin opened today after the reconstruction of the RF Government Reception House (formerly the House of Friendship) in the street Vozdvizhenka in Moscow.

As reported by ITAR-TASS, transmitted RF President Administration mansion late XIX century renovated specially for events the Group of Eight presidency in the year of Russia in it.

TopicTopic: ITAR, TASS, XIX

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