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The area of the Moscow Technopark Nagatino i-Land can be reduced by 20%

The area of the Moscow Technopark Nagatino i-Land can be reduced by 20% #1

The area of the Moscow Technopark Nagatino i-Land, related to former sites of zila, could be reduced by as much as 20%-up to 795 thousand square meters, wrote in the Sunday newspaper "Kommersant ' .

JSC "Moscow business incubator " (MBI) has until October to complete the construction in the western part of the Nagatinskaya flood plains of Nagatino i-Land of almost 245 thousand square meters. The project is being implemented in stages: the first stage (210.98 thousands square meters) was built and commissioned, in six months, an investor must complete 34 thousand square meters of — is the first object on the second turn, noted in the article.

"Are looking forward to meet deadlines set by the Mayor's Office. Monolithic works are completed, the erection of the fasade and internal engineering systems ",-said the representative of the publication/" leader-Investa "(Developer's" daughter "/AFK" Systema "//Vladimir Former). As the newspaper reminds, "system/" bought 75% of MBY — owner Nagatino i-Land — in the year 2013 the structures of Grigory Luchanskogo, whose company Nordex in the 1990 's, was known as a seller of oil and metals. In the list of affiliates for March 2015 year reported that 25% of MBY belongs to Cypriot MBI Investments Ltd.

As noted, the Times in the early 2000 's was initiated construction on the lands of the Zila first in Moscow a business incubator, which is then transformed into the industrial park with offices. In 2006, the volume of investment in the industrial park, where it was planned to build about 1 million square meters of offices, was estimated at 1 billion dollars, of which 240-300 million-the cost first. Representative/"leader-Investa " said publication of the remaining objects release 2 will be built later, without specifying dates.

But now Knight Frank, told the newspaper the Department's project manager professional services company Elena Dodulad, is developing a new concept of development of Nagatino i-Land. Previous lost its relevance, even owners of upscale Office premises in Central Moscow are experiencing difficulties with occupancy or are forced to reduce rents ", she explained.

According to Dodulad, a new project in the Nagatino i-Land provides housing, social facilities and recreation area: the total area of new objects will be around 550 thousand square meters. Access to the platform is scheduled in the end of the year 2016-2020 year in construction. On the basis of the new concept of Nagatino i-Land, the total area of all objects in the light of the constructed business centres will be approximately 795 thousand square meters, almost 20% less than the original plans, the article says.

Topic: JSC, MBI, MBY

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