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Unique Shukhov Tower in Moscow in urgent need of reconstruction

Unique Shukhov Tower in Moscow in urgent need of reconstruction #1

Openwork radio tower on the street Shabolovka in Moscow - "Shukhov Tower", built early last century by the great Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov stood for almost a hundred years and during that time has never been restored. However, experts believe that this unique object is now in a deplorable condition. About the project of reconstruction of the tower and the creation of her observation platform, plans for the development of the territory at the foot of the tower told the RIA Novosti great-grandson of the engineer and head of the fund "Shukhov Tower" Vladimir Shukhov.

Vladimir Fedorovich, the state is now in the tower, which is one of the architectural landmarks of Moscow?

Most of the world's experts admit Shukhov tower masterpiece of Russian avant-garde and one of the outstanding achievements of engineering thought. But if today we do not take urgent measures to preserve the tower, then in the next decade, she might just be lost.

Tower has served a support for antennas and radio stations across the country for 85 years, for all its existence has never been restored and is in poor condition. Unfortunately, no work on its reconstruction is not conducted.

Now the tower is not available either for sightseeing or for the study: the entire perimeter is fenced with barbed wire. I believe that this is equivalent to, such as barbed wire fence in the area around the Kremlin about a kilometer wide and show tourists the beauty from afar: "Look, there are towers - is the Kremlin!"

If we are talking about the unique hyperboloid Shukhov tower as a domain, and the heritage of world significance, then around it should be a convenient landscaped area, recreation area with appropriate infrastructure.

I can not say a few words about the technical characteristics of the tower itself. My great-grandfather first in the world used in the construction of mesh metal shell in the form of hanging and svodoobraznyh ceilings and hyperboloid towers. With a mesh structure steel shell Shukhov tower on Shabolovka takes minimum wind load, representing the main danger for the high-rise buildings.

Openwork steel construction combines strength and lightness: the unit height of the Shukhov Tower spent three times less metal than the unit height of the Eiffel Tower. According to the initial draft height Shukhov tower was 350 meters and at the same time weigh only 2.2 tons, while the Eiffel Tower in Paris at a height of 305 meters, weighs 7.3 tons. However, because of the shortage of metal during the Civil War, in practice, the project for the entire height of 148.5 meters. Later, with the installation of two beam and the mast height Shukhov tower reaching 160 meters.

Round tapered body of the tower consists of six sections, each 25 meters high. The lower section is installed on a concrete foundation with a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of 3 meters. Construction of the tower was carried out using a telescopic without scaffolding and cranes. The upper section is in turn assembled inside the bottom and using blocks and winches climbed on each other. March 19, 1922 a unique antenna tower on Shabolovka put into operation.

What steps do you think should be taken in this situation?

Fund "Shukhov Tower" for several years in favor of a comprehensive reconstruction of the area adjacent to the tower on Shabolovka. The European experience in the restoration of unique architectural structures need to be established around the site of adequate infrastructure, which naturally requires serious investment. Currently, the tower is not used for its intended purpose as a relay radio and television signals. Therefore, in order to enable it to continue to bring real benefits, not only graced the city, it is necessary to approach the reconstruction of its complex, including in the project and the surrounding area. It is our intention, in the park around the tower could be built Shukhov Center for Science, Technology and the Arts - a modern business, technological and cultural complex. Since Vladimir Shukhov was the founder of theoretical and practical foundations of modern production, transportation, storage and refining of oil in Russia, a separate area in the center could be the Russian museum of history of oil production, pipeline transportation, refining and oil cracking.

In addition, the complex is expected to include a business center and congress hall, the center of culture and arts, engineering club, as well as an interactive museum of Vladimir Shukhov and his followers. My great-grandfather was an excellent photographer, survived nearly two thousand of his photographs on the glass, a very high level, and all this can be adequately exhibited. It also must appear restaurants and cafes.

And how can be used in the future the tower?

Simultaneously with the strengthening of structures on the Shukhov tower can be built a small viewing platform, which in any case must not interfere with the ease and openwork whole structure. It is just that on the penultimate tier, at 125-meter above the ground, make a small observation deck along the lines of the Eiffel Tower. But it will be vip option. Also, it is anticipated the possibility of a comfortable and secure virtual tours on the topmost point of the tower - view the panorama of Moscow from the ground, where people can enjoy views of the capital, sitting at a coffee shop.

To do this, we want to mount the tower cameras and display images with them on monitors installed in the cafe at the base of the tower. Anyone will be able to come back and order, in addition to, for example, a cup of coffee, view the form to Moscow with any of these cameras. A wonderful view from there: the whole historical part of Moscow as the palm. Of course it permitted direct control of cameras - approximation and removal of objects, more detailed view of different sections and areas of the city, etc.

What prevents the realization of this project?

The fact is that now the whole area around the tower belongs to different organizations and agencies. Here are located, and federal agencies, for example, some units of RTR, Central Research Institute of Integrated Automation of Light Industry, as well as vocational school and a residential house. In addition, a number of premises shall be all kinds of tenants, which are selling computers, and sew gloves.

Of course, while at the state level will not be decided on the use of land around the tower, talk about attracting investors and the beginning of the project is not necessary. Meanwhile, investors are interested in this project, we already have. But no one will finance the development of land belonging to a large number of different organizations. However, except for estate mess, land directly under the tower, all surrounded by a dense ring of protected areas in width from 50 to 300 meters and close to the Tower itself simply does not suffice.

In Paris, the famous Eiffel Tower are avenues and alleys, tourists can easily walk around it. To our tower has become sort of a center of attraction of people, it should be available, and around it created a decent recreation area.

How much money is needed to implement the planned project?

Before starting work on the restoration of the tower, it is necessary to conduct its examination. The last such examination was conducted more than five years ago. The results suggest that there is a significant percentage of wear of metal structures. But the situation is not catastrophic, and modern technologies allow to restore the tower rather quickly. However, in order to determine the specific methods and timing of reconstruction, needed another, more detailed examination, for which there is no money.

According to our estimates, examination can cost a million to three million rubles, but the current balance sheet of the tower - Russian TV broadcasting network, these funds are no plans, so as not to use the tower as a translational object. And so far, our demand for examination under discussion in various legislative and executive power, but real results yet.

I believe that today the only state body that can move the project off the ground and turn the Shukhov tower in the cultural and historical objects of world significance - is the Moscow government.

The Moscow authorities decided to create tourist route "The Glass street" during which the glass roof in any weather you can buy souvenirs, to sit in a cafe or just walk. This route will run from Shabolovka through the park near the Danilov Monastery, on the bridge over the Moscow River, Neskuchny garden area "Europe" in Kiev railway station and end at the business center Moscow City.

And, of course, once the Shukhov tower located at the beginning of this route, the Moscow authorities have direct meaning to do its reconstruction. This question has already been discussed with representatives of the Moscow City Duma, and we found they had the full support of our vision to preserve the tower itself and its inclusion in the route of "The Glass Street.

Moscow is aware that the transformation of the Shukhov tower in the tourist attraction will bring to the city treasury for additional investment. But before the Moscow government will undertake this project, we must urgently at the federal level to resolve the issue of ownership to the tower, namely, to convey the very tower, and all the territories adjacent to the city.

Along with the investments the city government could be involved and private investors. We have already held talks with some companies and banks. The interest is there. The greatest interest so far express domestic investors, although there are foreigners. They understand how it is stylish, I would even say, "branded": investor automatically receives a brand Shukhov Tower. And foreigners are well aware how much it cost brand, how much is a brand.

So, in our case, the answer to the question "what to do, in fact, obvious. The paradox is that on the one hand no one on the merits and does not argue that the Shukhov Tower must restore and convert into a tourist site, on the other hand nothing to do the responsible agencies is being done.

Topic: "Shukhov Tower", "Europe", RIA, RTR

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